May 13, 2013

Growing weary?

Perspective. David Hayes, 2013

Do you think it's possible that I'm growing weary of iphoneography? I've not felt like picking up my iPhone "camera" for sometime now...and while I have a plentitude of raw images in my Camera Rolls on my iPhone and iPad, I've not been in the mood to do any edits. Perhaps it's time to do something else for a going back to my painting? I do have watercolor abstract that I just started. And my "traditional" darkroom has been whimpering every time I walk past. Ah...the smell of fixer in the night time!!!

In any case, here's the recipe for "Perspective":

1.) LomoScanner - none.
2.) PS Express - straighten, crop
3.) Snapseed - Black & White: Darken
4.) Pixlromatic - crop square, Hagrid
5.) Diptic.


Lisa Graham said...

Yes...I would say it's time to pick up a brush. Paint some of your favorite I-phone pieces and see how they look. I will bet pretty cool.

Carol said...

I wouldn't like you to give up altogether but I think you're entitled to lash out and do other things as well. It's only natural to get tired of things, but a break will refresh you. But please don't give up on the hellebores. I hope your spring is giving you some good weather and the occasional bike ride.