April 10, 2013


Benches. David Hayes, 2013.
Thought I'd go "traditional" with this image. I've been putting up abstracts and highly app-ed images as of late...so it was time to return to my black and white film "roots".

I took this image many, many years ago in Camden, Maine. A time when digital was just coming known...when film was still the way to go. Remember that time? I do.  I scanned this neg using my Lomo Smartphone Film scanner...and then used PS Touch to convert to positive and process. 

Think I'll do this more often. Just to remind myself of what was....and is still possible.


Marlynn said...

Extremely beautiful, peaceful, and calming photo. Yup, I remember film and refused for like forever to go digital. My 35mm was my addiction! Oh, did I mention, love your photo. LOL

Carol said...

What a beautiful scene. I love the way my eye is led through the photo. B&W is really nice, isn't it?