April 12, 2013

New toys

Safety. David Hayes, 2013

New toys. I just love them! Always wanting something new to play with...and there is always something new out there, isn't there? We visited our local Verizon office this afternoon to make some changes on my plan...so many fun things there! I was good....didn't get anything. This time.

I am excited by the results I keep getting using my newest toy... Lomography's Smartphone Film scanner and it's companion app, LomoScanner. "Safety" is a result of this combination. I might just go back to using my 35mm film cameras...


1.) Scan your negative using your Smartphone Film scanner and LomoScanner.
2.) Do two scans - one with the setting at "none" and one at "negative".
3.) Put these two versions together using Image Blender @ Difference. (With a slight offset of the two versions.)
4.) iColorama: crop to taste; Grunge 5/37


Carol said...

Stunning! Very impressed with this one, Dave, and you are obviously having a good time with the new toys. The colours are wonderful!

Seth said...

A stunning image. New toys seem to agree with you :-)

Alexis Marlons said...

This is very gorgeous and the art looks so sensual.