April 15, 2013

Monday ramblings....

No.  David Hayes, 2013

Why is it that I wake up every Monday morning with my head full of "resolutions" for the week? Perhaps it's because I go to bed Sunday night with my mind filled with the "errors of my ways" from the past week? This could be an interesting week if I do everything I've decided to do. I also see room for lots more "errors"! Life wouldn't be any fun otherwise....

I've come to the realization that I need to "monetize" my art more...either that or go back into the real world and find a "job." I gave that up several years ago...and I don't want to do that again! A real "job" that is. I've opened a Society 6 shop last week and have been resurrecting my Etsy shop...just a beginning but this is where my energies will be more and more focused...

How's this for a new project idea? (Thank you, Mr. Apter!) Take one image...and put it through 40 different iPhone/iPad apps. One at a time. Could create an interesting gallery. What do you think? Any ideas on which of my images I should use? Which apps I should use? I'm sure I have at least 40 different apps. If not...I'll get more!

Recipe for "No.":

1.) LomoScanner: negative
2.) Snapseed: crop, contrast/color corrections
3.) Polmatic: Evidence, Olympa Traveller
4.) Repix: Blend, Edges, Hatching


Wyn Vogel said...

Dave I saw a post on my facebook the other day that said:

Bed is a magic space - where you remember all the things you should have done ......!

Seems true!! Good luck with commercialising the art - I can identify as I keep promising my Partner I will go back into the consulting side and then get another invitation to Exhibit as I have just had this year and say to him - I'll just do this one!!! cheers - I have consider going and making coffee part time - but you will find you way I am sure - hang in there!!

Carol said...

40 different apps? You must be kidding! I have over 100 and mostly due to your advice so you must have many more unless you've been house keeping. Great idea though to work through them with one image. But how to choose which image? You have so many fabulous ones.