April 5, 2013

Found. (Reflection #39)

Window Shopping. David Hayes, 2013.
I just love it when I find something that I've done...tucked away and forgotten about. And it's worth sharing!! That's the case with "Window Shopping". I did this back in February...and then lost track of it until I "found" it yesterday while going through a file. I need to do this more often!! Who knows what else is out there!!

Absolutely beautiful spring day today. Tomorrow promises to be better. Than rain and thunderstorms are in the forecast. I can deal with all of this. As long as it doesn't snow...


1.) Be lucky in grabbing an image. Believe it or not, this isn't a case of layering...but reflections in a shop window at night!
2.) Take this luck...and put it into iColorama:
      * crop
     * Edges 1/6
      * Sharpen 5/6
      * Shadows: Bleach @ 0.56


Carol said...

I'm back! Hey, this is a stunner. I'm very envious. Proves you have a great eye for a good shot.

Alexis Marlons said...

Lovely combination. So artistic.

jaeartworks said...

haha...LOVE finding lost treasures!