April 17, 2013

Escape. David Hayes, 2013.

Well...I would say that spring is finally here. Thunderstorms rolling in and out. All my trees and shrubs are in bloom and greening more and more. The lawn needs mowing....again. And I've started to wear my shorts. Must be spring. Finally.

I've been real busy putting things out on my Society 6 shop. Do give it a visit sometime...check out what's there! I'd appreciate it also if you'd pass the word on to others. Thanks!!!

Here's the recipe for "Escape":

1.) LomoScanner - negative.
2.) PS Touch
3.) Vintage HD: Retro Border 3 with "adjustments".
4.) Image Blender: I blended the PS Touch version with the Vintage HD version using Hardlight.
5.) Snapseed: Selective Adjust; Drama 2.


Bill said...

I haven't been here in forever, but don't take it personal. I'm not sure how you should take it, but definitely not personal. Anyway, this is ultra-cool. There's nothing like a grungy window through which one can escape to get your heart pumping.

Carol said...

This looks as though our dog Peggy has just made an escape! What a wonderful setting for your photo, a quite scary scenario.

Bold Sparrow Vintage said...

Love this!