April 19, 2013


Dancers. David Hayes, 2013.
Here's the recipe for "Dancers":

1.) MPro: I used its blue filter.
2.) Touch Re Touch
3.) Photo Fx Ultra: sharpen, crop, Steel, Nude/Fx2 (as a second layer)
4.) Snapseed: Tune Image, Selective Adjust, Frame 21 (cropped tight)

Happy Friday!


Wyn Vogel said...

Wonderful - very prim dancers!!

Alexis Marlons said...

This is very stunning. It tickles my imagination.

Carol said...

I just love this one. The snowflakes are such a favourite with me and the black and white is just perfect. I'm looking forward already to mine when they appear in a few months.

Kathy said...

Beautiful - I agree with Carol, this looks fantastic in black & white.