March 29, 2013


Visitors. David Hayes, 2013
About a month ago, I got a new toy: Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner. This little smartphone adaptor allows one to scan 35mm film negatives (remember those?) using your smartphone. As I am with most things like arrived at my doorstep just when I was involved with something I unpacked it, checked it out, and put it aside until "later". 

Later happened a couple of days ago. I found my old film negative files, read the instruction booklet for the Scanner...yes I do read instructions...and "scanned" a dozen or so images. Worked like a dream!! So...I have a bunch of new images to share. "Visitors" is the first of these. Recipe below.

1.) Use your Smartphone Film Scanner to capture the source image.
2.) Crop and convert to a positive using PS Touch.
3.) TouchReTouch for touch ups.
4.) Gridditor
5.) Jazz (I created two versions in Jazz from the Gridditor version.)
6.) Image Blender (blend the two Jazz versions using Multiply)
7.) Snapseed 

Okay...don't ask me what settings/filters I used in Gridditor, Jazz, or Snapseed. I didn't write them down this time...and I don't remember...exactly. 


amy of four corners design said...

interesting...trying to think if I even kept 35mm negatives...great image...look forward to seeing the others...

Gail Pierce said...

I too look forward to seeing more images from what looks to be one more gadget for the "wish list."

Seth said...

This is such a compelling image. It really draws my eye to look inside.

Carol said...

Wonderful! Very mysterious and as Seth says, compelling. The new toy is obviously a good one.