March 22, 2013

Scrambling Eggs....

Sunny side up. David Hayes, 2012

Isn't this a lovely shot of organic brown eggs! I took this last spring, just before Easter. Very sensual, very earthy. I was going through my "archives" the other day and stumbled on this image. Thought to myself..."why....Easter is almost here. Let's see what I can do with this image!"

Now...I want you to know that I did try out several traditional approaches to Easter eggs. Just not me!! I deleted those versions very quickly. Instead...well...I came up with three different versions that "spoke to me"!! Thought I'd share all three versions with you and get your opinion. Don't be shy...after looking at my "scrambled eggs" do let me know which you like the best. Or if you don't like any of them...say so! (It would be nice to know why/why not...but that's optional.)

Disturbed #1. David Hayes, 2013.

Here's the first version. I used Popsicolor - black and blue, "minimum" setting, and "Ink". I really like this one. Just the right amount of line and shading. Speaks loudly...

Okay...maybe not loudly enough. So I went back in, changed the settings to blue and blue, and "Normal" setting. My thought was to create another layer that I could use to put the first version and this one together in Image Blender...

Disturbed #2. David Hayes, 2013
And that's what I did. Image Blender @ Multiply. Can't say it speaks loudly to me...but it's getting there...

Disturbed #3. David Hayes, 2013.
Now! This is more like it!! Still in Image Blender...same two layers...this time blended @ "Difference". I'd say that this made a difference!!!

Disturbed #4. David Hayes, 2013.
Disturbed #4. Now I do have a fancy for this one. Using Disturbed #2 as my base, I went to Distressed FX and applied their "Stirred" and "Absentia" filters. Saving this, I moved to Pic Grunger: "Weathered", "After Hours", and "Pulp".

What do you? Version 1? Version 2? Version 3? or Version 4? All of the above? None of the above? Give me a shout and let me know!!

Happy Friday everyone!!!


Carole said...

Ha this is great! Version 4 is my fave.
Take a gander over to see my egg painting I'm posting on Saturday morning. Eggs seems to be a hot topic this weekend! I hope your's is fabulous.

Roxi -Coppercurls Designs said...

I love 4 but then I liked 1 right away.

Alexis Marlons said...

They all looked good but I love the 4th one the most. Very classic and mysterious.

Carol said...

I love your original brown eggs, make me feel I want to go straight to the kitchen and cook an egg.
Difficult choice but I think I like #3 best for its boldness but #4 is really beautiful so I'm very torn.
I think I'd frame #3 to put on my wall but I'd use #4 as a gorgeous book cover.

jaeartworks said...