March 20, 2013


Start with a handful of pachisi pieces....
Run this through Decim8...until it "feels" right... Glaze...and use "Daisy #3"

Since Glaze is so much fun, do it again!
 This time use "Gold Ball #1".
Put both Glaze versions together. Image Blender was my choice here using "Multiply".
Thinking it needed a "painterly feel", I went to Paint fx and overlayed its "Canvas" filter.

Pachisi. David Hayes, 2013.

To finish, I used Snapseed...a little "Color Correction" and "Contrast Correction". So finishes my tutorial for this Wednesday, March 20th. The first day of Spring!!


Alexis Marlons said...

Nice tool to use. The output is very artistic.

Roxi -Coppercurls Designs said...

I love all your work. I find it frustrating to try and keep track of my edits, as far as what I've done. Do you have any suggestions? Any help is appreciated. I'm coppercurls55 on Instagram if you're interested.

Carol said...

I love the painterly look and the combination of the colours. (My favourite colours, basically!) Wonderful, Dave, the more I look, the more I like it.