March 1, 2013

Morning Shadows

Morning Shadows. David Hayes, 2013

What does one say on another gray, gloomy, cold, crappy winter's day. At least February is over. More of a disease  than a month. I suppose if that's all that I have to complain about... Life is good actually. Plans for the future are coming to fruition...there was enough money in the checking account to pay bills...and it's Friday. is good. And the sun will come out...sometime.

"Morning Shadows" started out as a simple study of shadows on a wall...but I couldn't get the contrasts just when all else fails, app the hell out of it! Here's the recipe:

1.) MPro - blue filter (version 1)
2.) MPro - orange filter (version 2)
3.) Iphone5 native camera (version 3)

This gave me three separate images of the same shadow pattern...

4.) Image Blender - V1 + V2 @lighten. Flatten.
5.) Image Blender - blended the above with V3 @color burn. Saved.

6.) Distressed Fx - Birds (Alfred); Savannah.


amy of four corners design said...

very surreal looking...birds added as an app? or were they just flying by? in any case, I like it!

Seth said...

A little harsh about poor February...especially because at the end of the month, this moody, atmospheric piece was the result!

jaeartworks said...

I agree with've definitely achieved a clear mood with this one. Very nice! Hope the sun comes out soon!

Carol said...

The birds! The birds! Moody lot that they are... Very nice shadows and light, very beautiful effect.