March 27, 2013

Here Comes the Sun!

Tongues. David Hayes, 2013.
Yes! The sun has come out and it is already in the mid-50's (F). Spring has returned this last Wednesday in March. Hopefully it will stay this way! I recently read a long-term forecast for my area...calling for higher than normal temperatures and precipitation come April and through the summer. I suppose by mid-July I'll be wishing for cooler weather but for now...bring it on!!

Here's the recipe for "Tongues":

1.) MPro
2.) PS Touch
3.) PaintFX: Vintage Canvas, Rainbow
4.) Repix: Van Gogh, Daubs
5.) iColorama: Texture 30/31; Exposure; Sharpen 3/6.


Carole said...

Tongues? Mother in law tongues? A type of plant I'm guessing and not your mother in laws forked tongue!

Glad to here the sun is back. A weekend of sun in the forecast here.

Have a great weekend.

Alexis Marlons said...

Everyone's so excited to see Mr. Sun. Hope we'll have a wonderful spring and summer ahead.

Carol said...

We are finally getting some Autumn weather, though middle of the day is still quite hot.
This is just lovely, in spite of it being mother-in-law tongues. (Sanseveria?) Makes me want to run out and take a photo of the ones in our garden. Love the colours.