March 15, 2013


Knowledge. David Hayes, 2013.

Happy Friday everyone! The sun is out...a bit. It's in the upper 50's (F). Rain is coming back tonight and tomorrow. Spring. Just maybe it will stay around this time.

I've had to find a new yoga studio after several years at the other one. I think I've found one I to make it "home". New teachers, new people to practice get to know. And they know me. I'm done being upset about having to move...excited about what I'm finding. Change can be a good thing.

Today's recipe is a bit complicated. So here goes...

1.) I first created the book background using: Scratchcam, then Glaze, then combining these two version with Image Blender.

2.) I then processed the light bulb using: PS Touch and Iris

3.) Going back to Image Blender, I put these two images together. After "flattening, " I overlaid this with a manuscript "stamp" that I have in my stocks. 

4.) Went to Color Lake to give the image that reflected look.

5.) Finished off with Distressed FX.

Don't ask me what filters, settings, etc. I used...'cause I forgot to write those down. I was lucky to remember which apps I used! 


Lisa Graham said...

The colors you have achieved are beautiful and straight from the ground and tree and sky. Love this one. good for the body.

Carol said...

A beauty, Dave! Very complex, a wonderful use of your apps.