March 4, 2013

Abstractions - Monday

Speed Kills - David Hayes, 2013.

I have been doing having some fun messy around. The threesome  - Deco Sketch, Decim8, and Image Blender are providing me with some very interesting images. Way too much fun actually...bordering on addictive....

I thought I'd share with you this week five of the images that this threesome have produced...and in some cases a foursome. The more the merrier!

Recipe for "Speed Kills":

1.) Create a base image using Deco Sketch.
2.) Run this image through Decim8 until you get one that seems a good fit with the base image.
3.) Use Image Blender to put these two images together. Try out different blends and positioning. Variety is the spice of life!
4.) Invite in a little cropping, apply "Drama 1" followed by "Retrolux #2".


jaeartworks said...

Hmmm...very interesting! Not familiar with Deco sketch. I'll have to check it out. Love the color!

Carol said...

Love the blue and the speedy look. Not sure if I have Deco Sketch - that's how long it is since I looked at my apps. MUST. DO. BETTER!