March 8, 2013

Abstractions - Friday

Twilight. David Hayes, 2013
Happy Friday! The sun has been out...all day! Certainly makes a difference. It's a good thing...looks like my tax bill will be higher than I thought! Funny thing is...I just sold some "toys" that I don't use anymore...which will cover the tax bill. I guess if I can't come out least I'm in "balance"!

"Twilight" is the last in my Abstractions series. Here's the recipe for this one....a little different from the others:

1.) Gradience
2.) Decmi8

1 comment:

Carol said...

As I'm working backwards, this last of your Abstractions is the first I'm seeing. I absolutely love the colours and angles, and the sense of being drawn into the centre of that very alarming staircase. Slightly alarming!