February 4, 2013

Snow Day

Serendipity. David Hayes, 2013
I was a middle school teacher once. Sixth grade. Loved it...for awhile....

Come winter I don't know who would wish for a Snow Day more...my students...or me. I think we both were equally excited about the possibility...the only difference was that they could show their excitement while I shouldn't have....

Today was one of those days...sort of. It started snowing heavily about mid-afternoon just when I should have been doing other things. Some important and others not so much. I just had to stop and watch the snow come down. It only lasted a couple of hours....and an inch or so. But it was like a mini-snow day. A break that I needed to take. Oh....and whilst I was looking out an upstairs window I noticed a blue bird sitting on the neighbor's basketball net rim. And then another....and another! All said, there were five blue birds! A couple on the basketball rim and backboard, the rest on the roof line. I tried to get some good pics of this...even bring out the big boy camera...my Nikon D-90! Haven't checked those yet, but if anything good is there I'll make sure to show you.

Snow days. Aren't they grand!


I decided to try out the newest version of Iris...now known as the app called Laminar Pro. Took me a minute or two to figure out it's interface as it's totally different from Iris but it looks like a winner! I'll use it again....

So...in Laminar Pro:
1.) crop
2.) Vintage/Grunge: Fibres
3.) Blur: Sharpen
4.) Photo Fx: Retro
5.) Frames: grunge frame (I guess that's what it would be called as they didn't name their frames!)


Seth said...

Texture. Yes!

Lisa Graham Art said...

This is such a fabulous image! Teaching 6th grade would be a hard age to teach...I would probably wish for a snow day every day!

I took photos of our neighbors shed...a quaint little red shack with white pane windows...never noticed it before. I found myself wishing I had all these fancy editing apps you use...I altered it in Picasa, but I know it could be much more interesting.

Gail P said...

Lovely! No snow here; 82 degrees yesterday. Is it really winter?

Carol said...

Just gorgeous! Makes me wish I lived where there was snow. Great shot.