February 11, 2013


The Masks We Wear. David Hayes, 2013.

I'll admit that I might be pushing things with this image. My own style, what folks consider appropriate...and I'm not sure I even like this after I look at it now. In any case, I've held on to this image too long and it was time to "publish or pitch". So I decided, what the hell...publish!! After all, it is Monday. What's your thoughts on this??

Here's the recipe:

1.) I started out with a scan of an old color slide that I shot way back in the day...and yes, I did use Photoshop CS4 to do this! (There I admitted it!)
2.) I then brought this image into my iPad...so there...I don't lose all my cred.
3.) Opened it first in PS Express, did some cropping and exposure adjustments...
4.) Opened this in Blender and added the mask which came from a digital elements set that I have.
5.) Opened this in Iris (for iPad): Rusty Metal, Space.
6.) Finished in Snapseed: Tune Image, Tilt Shift


Sarah Park said...

Very bold and artistic.

Dave said...

Thanks Sarah! So glad you think so!!!

Carol said...

Very interesting. A bit dark in mood but that's okay. I love the mask. What do you mean, 'came from a digital elements set I have'? Very impressive, whatever it is.