February 25, 2013

Please, Mom

Please, Mom. David Hayes, 2013

I didn't include this in my "Ladies of the Night" series. Didn't seem to quite fit with those ladies. Even so, she was one of the ladies whose portrait I captured that very same night. Shares some of that melancholy  of the others. Almost pleading. Dolls can be very disturbing....

Recipe for this one:

1.) Popsicolor: Chill (Black), Cafe' (Red), Novelty (#3)
2.) Etchings: Spectrum, Line Weight (Regular), Exposure (#4)
3.) Image Blender: blended Popsicolor version with Etchings version @Normal.


Sarah Park said...

This is another creepy one.

Carol said...

I think I commented on Facebook. Yes, she's a bit creepy but it's not her fault. I like the photo.