February 20, 2013

Ladies of the Night - Vision #2

Ladies of the Night - Vision #2. David Hayes, 2013.

The sub-title of this post could be: "A day without the internet!" Or something like that. We've been having problems with our connection these last couple of days and after a series of more phone calls this morning, finally determined the problem was in the cable modem. Okay. Figured that from the get-go but trying to convince the folks at Time Warner...oh well. So...we packed up the old modem earlier this afternoon and went to our local T.W. store to swap it out. Which we did. Came home, started to hook up the new modem only to discover that they had given us the wrong power adapter! So...back we went. Oh well. Everything seems to be running smoothly...for the moment. It's always something, isn't it!

This image is the second in the series of "Ladies of the Night". Same recipe as before. Camera Bag: Jazz with adjustments to Jazz Amount & Contrast. Cropped square.


Lisa Graham Art said...

Awesome images. Manikins are both cool and creepy at the same time I think.

Sarah Park said...

Now this one's more creepy than the first one.

Dave said...

Sarah ~ I agree...a creepy yet sadness to this series.

Carol said...

Beautiful ladies, and yes, slightly sad.