February 8, 2013


Dawn. David Hayes, 2013

Not really much to write home about today. It's Friday. A grey, gloomy one at that. No huge blizzard coming in these parts. Maybe rain. A normal February day in the Ohio River Valley! A typical February where the cold and grey are starting to settle into my bones and psyche. Maybe a trip to somewhere warm and sunny would help. Or a good seed catalog or two...

I've been taking my time setting up my new iMac. It's amazing how easy it's been so far...knock on wood! Why, I remember the days when one would literally spend days upon days setting up a new computer...with many calls to SUPPORT before everything was just right. This time around...my iMac knows that I have a printer even before I tell it to set it up...and has already set it up!!! Scary and wonderful at the same time. (I'm waiting for the time that I sit down to write a blog posting....and it's already been done!)

Here's the recipe for "Dawn":
1.) Etchings: Spectrum, Regular line width, Exposure setting #2
2.) Paint Fx: Overlay Blue, Red, Over Processed, Green Blend
3.) Be Funky Pro: Viewfinder #6, Filmstrip 5


Seth said...

Hmmmmm. A computer that writes the blog post for us? Not sure I would sign up for that!

Wyn Vogel said...

No Way - yesterday I set up a Playstation PS3 and gave it wireless connectivity and within minutes it had searched the network and picked up all the media player centres on the network - from all our computers!! Didn't give access (I checked that) but you can see them all on the PS3 menu - how scary - next it will be a time when the computer can read your mind and download it - and then wow!!! You will spend all your day editing it - if you are me so it either makes sense or reads like you would have other read it!! Cheers - hope i never see the day PS - love the gradation of colour on your work and the textures!! Glad the blizzard is not on your side of the continent!!

Sarah Park said...

Computers nowadays are a lot more easier to set up compared before. We don't need much support in setting everything up.

Carol said...

Clever iMac! Great photo. Love the textures and the colours.