January 28, 2013

Why do I do this to myself?

Why Do I Do This To Myself. David Hayes, 2013

Frustration. Frustration tinted heavily with anger. At my self. At changes happening around me that I'm not pleased about. Things I need to work through. Seems to be showing up in this image.

I've always been hesitant to do "self-ies" or self portraits. Much less publish what I've come up with. Never felt I was all the photogenic. Always a little bit envious of those who do...admiring their courage.
Part of my 2013 journey is to do more of these. Hopefully, once I work through my frustrations, these will become a bit more "lighter". Perhaps not. Time to let the dark side out. Could be interesting.

Here's the recipe. (Make sure to only use during a dark and storming night!):

1.) Etchings: Zombie fx filter, Regular line weight, Middle exposure.
2.) iColorama: I used the Texture (6/31) effect on a flying bird image I have in my stocks.
3.) Image Blender: blend #1 & #2 using Multiply
4.) Pixlromatic: Film - Satya; Light - Morning; Frame - Scan.


Marlynn said...

ROFL - OK, I have to admit it - it doesn't matter if I am frustrated with changes or no - I still look like a damn zombie in the morning when I wake up and walk to bathroom. No,David, I certainly don't need a zombie filter, nor a horror cam, I can scare myself just peek through hands over my eyes - OMG. I so love your photos and filters. I really like this one - We all have those times when we are frustrated to the point of anger. But as you know, life works through these times and when we look back, in most cases, we are far better individuals since we walked thru the strife. Good luck with the changes. Hang in there and keep showing me your photos!

amy of four corners design said...

interesting pic...I too never take pictures of myself...too self-conscious...
think of change as changing from dormant stage (winter) to emerging state (spring)...don't know if that helps or not...

Bill said...

You never looked better! It certainly is amazing what frustration can do to a person. I'm a little afraid, though. I thought your dark side was already out. :o)

I just got an iPhone! It's only an iPhone 4, but they had them for $ .99 on Verizon. Now I have to get some photo apps! Which ones do you like best?

Lisa Graham Art said...

this is cool Dave...keep creating! NO MATTER WHAT!

Sarah Park said...

Amazing photo! And well-explained reason as well. This is a very creative way to express what you really feel.