January 4, 2013


Released. David Hayes, 2013.

I created this image just before Christmas. It had a different title then. Seemed appropriate at the time. Not so much this evening. I like this title so much better. Sums up my plans for the new year...letting go of the old....letting go of dreams that no longer can be....letting go. A release...so there can be a new beginning! A joyful moment, actually! 

This was taken while I sat at my desk. I heard the birds outside, looked up to the arched window in my room...and...yes I do have my iphone5 sitting next to me most times! You don't? It's all in the moment, isn't it?

The recipe. Grab a quick, opportunistic shot. Run it through the app, BeFunky Pro's "Stenciler 1" filter. Save it. Open Etchings, use the "Spectrum" Fx filter, thin Weight, and the middle level Brightness settings. Save. Finish off in Iris. Just a bit of "Cracks" and "Old Snap". Save and enjoy!


MrCachet said...

I like it!

Seth said...

Like the pic and your plans for 2013!

Raylee said...

sounds like good advice!