January 19, 2013

Play Time

Background. David Hayes, 2013

Several weeks ago I found myself in my car dealer's service "customer waiting area". A pleasant enough place...if you like sport talk television. I don't. In any case, I have found that a great way for me to spend my time in such places is to take my iPad along...and play! It might be trying out a new app or a new technique....or just playing. Beats Solitaire...or even Angry Birds! (Sorry, Seth...I know you're a big fan!!) I thought it might be fun to show you what I came up with this time...and to pose a question that's puzzled me for awhile. 

To start, I opened the above background that I had created sometime ago. For this I had used one of my mixed media panels that I created with acrylics and such, took a pic of this with my iPhone...and then used Scratchcam to grunge it up.

Step 2. David Hayes, 2013.
A whole bunch of things went into this panel! For some reason, I decided I wanted to created an open book format. So...I took the first background, flipped it in PS Express, opened Diptic and created a two image panel. Then....after some other playing around, I used Image Blender to add the flying birds...there are four separate layers of birds, two on each side. (The birds came from a "stamp" that I had created earlier using a shot from my iPhone and PS Touch.) The last thing I did to the panel was add the numbers 108 to both corners. I think I used either Iris or PS Touch for this. I liked what I had so far and saved it. (I also deleted the various steps in-between that I had also saved...I don't like cluttering my files!)

Step 3. David Hayes, 2013
Now a book needs a story! The question was at the moment...what story! While I could have waited on this part, I was still in the waiting room....so I decided to play around with what was already on my iPad. Opening Image Blender once again, I brought in this image of a tree that I had created over the summer...you might recognize it if you followed my i365 project. This looked pretty good....but what for the other panel?

Step 4. David Hayes, 2013

Here's where things get a little "interesting" and which will eventually lead me to ask my question. I couldn't find anything in files that I had done that worked. So...I went to a folder I created on my iPad that held several images I had uploaded from my Mac. These are digital images that I had purchased from various online sources....and uploaded to my iPad to see if they'd work. Well, they do! The tree siloutte on the right is one such image. I'm not sure what the "story" of these two panels would be...but it does create an interesting panel.

Step 5. David Hayes, 2013
That panel done, I saved it so I could try something else. This time, again still in Image Blender, I moved the tree I used in Step 4 over the left hand side and brought in the image of the two birds from the same folder. Now, I like this panel....but the two images aren't mine, so I'm not going to do anything with them...other than share them here.

Now here's my question. A semantics/definitional one. Are these two images iphoneography? Or are they digital art? I did create the backgrounds from images I shot with my iPhone and processed in my iPad. (I could have done the same thing on my iPhone, but the iPad screen is so much nicer!) The first panel does use a tree image that I had created via iphoneography, although the left panel isn't my image. I did process everything you see using my iPad. My thought....none of this is iphoneography which is in the truest sense is images taken only with an iPhone/iPad (or Droid) and processed entirely in-device. I believe what I created would fall more into the digital collage/digital imagery category.  So...where do you come in? 


Seth said...

Not sure what you call it....but I like it! Great pieces and the perfect way to use waiting time. And to set the record straight...not only am I not an angry bird but I have never used the app! :-)

Sarah Park said...

I love it. Very artistically made.

Dave said...

Sarah ~ Thanks! I did have fun putting these together...and I learned a few things doing it. A win-win all the way!

jaeartworks said...

My husband is an art professor in Dallas, and he teaches digital art. I would definitely call it digital art. And I like the image in step 4 just as much as the final. Maybe even a little more. Nice job! And a much better use of time than Angry birds :)

Bill said...

Definitely an "awesome!"