January 30, 2013


Johnny! David Hayes, 2013

Crazy weather. Thunderstorms. Mid 60's (F). Spring flowers starting to show. Snow and freezing rain in the forecast for tomorrow and the next day. No wonder I'm feeling all out of sorts as of late!

"Johnny!" is another take on tree I used yesterday for "Wanderlust". Or should I say that "Wanderlust is another take as I had completed "Johnny!" awhile ago. I always like to see what I can do with the same source imagery.

1.) Infinicam:  #1: KLJ-KA96,  #2: 086-VMHG (yes, you'll need your secret de-coder rings for this one!)

2.) Image Blender: #1 + #2 using the Difference blend

3.) Title FX: for the caption...

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