January 7, 2013

Bittersweet moment...

Fences. David Hayes, 2013.

This time of year always saddens me. Christmas and the New Year have come and gone. All the decorations have been put away...and the world becomes a darker place at night. I always tell myself that this is the way it has to be...after all if the Christmas festivities stuck around all year, then it wouldn't be so special!

What has made this passing all the more bittersweet is that this was the first holiday that my family wasn't all together....and not just for Christmas, but also Thanksgiving! Our eldest daughter, who "moved away" (finally!) this past summer, couldn't make it home for Thanksgiving because of work schedules. This wasn't too bad as it looked like she would be able to be home for Christmas. At the last moment, this fell through as well. She was able to make it home this past weekend for Christmas...and anticipating this, we kept everything up for her. She had to leave this afternoon....and so Christmas is now "over" and we've started to take it down.

As parents, it's our mission to raise our children the best that we can....to prepare them for a life of their own....and then "push" them out of the nest. Our eldest has moved on and while her life hasn't been a bed of roses, she is doing everything she can to make a go of it. Very proud of her....indeed! 

My youngest daughter and I were talking over dinner this evening that this was the last Christmas that we'll have in our house as my wife and I are hoping to "downsize" sometime this year and move to an apartment/town home. We also realized that last Christmas (2010) was the last Christmas that the four of us observed it in the "traditional" way. Another bittersweet moment...old traditions making way for new traditions! Both exciting....and sad.

Here's the recipe for "Fences": I opened the original image (shot with my iphone5) in Photo FX Ultra. Did a little cropping. Then applied it's Image: Sky 10 filter. Followed by Grads/Tints: Nude/FX 3. Topped off with a bit of Old Photo: Platinum, then back to Image for a touch of Sharpen. Easy as that!


Lisa Graham Art said...

What a beautiful photo Dave. And I can relate to your post 100%. I plan to remedy the Christmas/Holiday dilemma by making trips to see them perhaps during a set time of year. Not sure...but I know you have to hold onto Christmas tradition loosely once they are out of the house and especially if they are married.

Wyn Vogel said...

Dave - don't despair - they will come home regularly and shortly you will find you have mini versions of them - they have just started to arrive at our house and although I think I am far to young to be a gran - i am suddenly very proud to be so and quite clucky with the little ones - so a new era evolves - the pic is gorgeous - we are being ravaged by fires so this looks like crystal wonderland to our hot eyes!! Thanks for the share it is wonderful!!

Seth said...

Bittersweet. A good description. New traditions and new memories will be made in you new home. And no doubt, new photos will be made as well!

Carol said...

I've said before I wish I was where this photo was taken. So cold and beautiful. I suppose Christmas evolves for us but it is tinged with sadness for me too, as it changes. Grand children have saved it for me and will for you, Dave.