December 31, 2012


Last. David Hayes, 2012.

i365 project, 365/365. (iphone4, Camera Bag 2 HD, iColorama)

This is the last one. My 2012 i365 project comes to a close. I have had a great adventure this past year....learning much about iphoneography and the great community of photographers that supported my work. Thank you...and a Happy New Year to you all.

What's next? Haven't quite decided...but will let you know. Soon.


Carole said...

I wonder too
what's next
for me
for you
what's next?

Happy New Year to you, Dave. Thanks for sharing your photo adventures with us.

MomentsForZen said...

Congratulations for successfully completing this epic quest. Thanks for sharing your insights and images. I look forward to following your next project, but enjoy your break. ... MomentsForZen

Dave said...

MomentsForZen ~ And thank you for coming along for the ride. Yes, today is for more quiet contemplation and shaking off the holiday fuzz!

Carol said...

Love the abstractness of this one, Dave. Great colour scheme.