December 23, 2012

Four Red Candles

Four Red Candles. Version 1. David Hayes, 2012.
 i365 project, 357/365. (Hipstamatic, Snapseed)

As is often the case, I'll develop several versions of the same image, picking one for publication. This time, I decided to post my top two...after all it is Christmas! Hopefully you will like both versions!

Four Red Candles. Version 2. David Hayes, 2012.

Hipstamatic, Layover, TouchReTouch, Snapseed.


Lisa Graham Art said...

Such a peaceful image Dave. Just dropping by to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See you in 2013!

Seth said...

Two for one! The happiest of holidays to you!

Carol said...

Love them both! A really beautiful image for Christmas.

jaeartworks said...

#1! It has a wonderful ethereal quality. Hope you had a great Christmas! I'm just now beginning to tackle my google reader which is pretty backed up as you can tell.