November 27, 2012

Shadow Dancer II

Shadow Dancer II. David Hayes, 2012.

i365 project, 331/365. (Noir, Image Blender)


Bill said...

Blue, blue, my world is blue. Blue is my world, now I'm without you.

Pearson Report said...

Hello Dave,

I have found my way to your blog via Lisa Graham's.

I'm very intrigued with your photos and the various things you do to enhance/alter them. Pardon me for not knowing the correct terminology of what these "things" might be called - the Snapseed, Image Blender,
MPro etc.

I use an iPhone 4s for my photos but do little to alter them, other than using what comes with my iPhotos on my MacBook. However, I am intrigued at the many possibilities out there to transform a photo.

I have added myself as a Follower and will be back with a cup of tea and take a wander around your blog.


Carol said...

Electric! Just stunning, Dave.