September 20, 2012

Something different...again.

Thank you, Man Ray. David Hayes, 2012. ( 24x24" mixed media on stretched canvas.)
I completed this some time ago...just now getting up the nerve to show it. The figure is based on a photograph my Man Ray. I just loved the lines of the pose...everything else just seemed to fit the mood.

This piece is available for purchase in my Gallery: The Paintings of David Hayes.


Carol said...

Wow! Love this, Dave. So pleased to see your paintings.

Lisa Graham Art said...

This is a great work Dave! I love the dark figure against the yellow background...there is a lot of warmth.

jaeartworks said...

I agree with Lisa...and I'll add on that the way the yellow seeps through the black figure really gives the figure more dimension and feeling than just a regular silhouette would have.

Bill said...

Ah. I get the point!