August 25, 2012


Troubled. David Hayes, 2012. (24"x24". Mixed Media on stretched canvas)

So...what do you think? Thought I'd post something other than my photography...just 'cause.

"Troubled" is available for purchase on my Gallery.


Carol said...

Nice to see your paintings. Troubled is dark and interesting, the touches of red are great!

Lisa Graham Art said...

As with most art on the internet, but especially abstracts like this wish you could see it in person because you KNOW there is SO much to see. I love what I do see though...the visible printed words...the layers and layers. And your follower above stated it's dark. It reminds me of your photo art in paint form and it also made me think of Scarlet O'Hara. Don't ask me why, it just did.

Wow, you really DO know how to paint. :)


Seth said...

I vote for more mixed media! Perfect title for the mood of this piece.

jaeartworks said...

All artwork! Cool. Love the limited color palette and texture. Honestly I find it very moving as it makes me think of the twin towers. But that's just from seeing it online. Could be different in person, especially if the text on there is significant.