July 31, 2012


Sometime. David Hayes, 2012

i365 project, 212/365. (iphone4, olloclip: maco lens, Hipstamatic: Salvador 84 lens, Dream Canvas film.)

This is the last of my Hipstamatic images...at least for awhile. It has been interesting this month trying out different combos...and I didn't even get through half of the possible lens/film match ups! I found some new favorites...and some that I'm not sure I'll ever use. I'm ending this series with a combo that I used before...but one that is my all time favorite...the Salvador 84 lens and Dream Canvas film. Put on an Olloclip macro lens and you can't help but get a great image!!

During the next 24+ days I will be posting images that I build during July...I can't stop "tinkering" with my apps! I'm going to use this backlog of images to my advantage...I plan to return to analog photography for awhile...digging out my film cameras...seeing what I can come up by returning to my roots. If anything interesting happens, I will post it...that's for sure!! So make sure to check in...often!!

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Holly Dean said...

It sounds like you are filling your creative well for sure. That is wonderful!!!