July 3, 2012


Melodie. David Hayes, 2012

i365 project, 184/365. (Hipstamatic: Melodie lens, Ina's 69 film, Jolly Rainbo 2x Flash.)

I know...I'm going to lose my "grunge" title if I keep posting pretty pictures of flowers...but this one just worked so well!!! Thanks again for the combo tip to Kim Martino!


Carol said...

What stunning colour! Don't worry, we know you're not going soft with all these flowers. Instagram magic!

Seth said...

Bright. Vivid. Bold. All good!

Bill said...

Awesome color! There's nothing wrong with appreciating pretty flowers. Before we know it, the snow will take them all away. Well, maybe. Last year we didn't have much snow at all. Plus, if this heat doesn't let up, everything will be burnt up anyway.