July 1, 2012

Hipstamatic Month!

Summer Pop. David Hayes, 2012. 

i365 project, 182/365. (Hipstamatic: Salvador 84 lens, Ina's 1969 film, Standard Flash - on)

Welcome to Hipstamatic Month! This month I will be posting images that will be done exclusively with the Hipstamatic app. This is one of the first apps I picked up after getting my iPhone4 and will always be my "first love". The problem with this app is that with all it's various different lens, film, and flash combinations...it can be a bit overwhelming!! So...I figured I'd take this month to try out as many different combinations as I could...and share them with you! I have a list made up, but if you have a favorite combo that you'd like to share...please do and I'll give it a try as well!! (Oh...don't bother to ask for the recipe...I've already gave it to you in the caption!! Enjoy!)

So off I go...becoming a Hipsta manic!!! 


Carol said...

Interesting. I won't ask. (In fact, before I ask you my Hipsta question I think I should try to find out via help or google. A bit of self help wouldn't go astray.)

jgr said...

Well, it's all so interesting-I'm way behind as I don't YET have an iPhone, but I'm working on it and this is more 'fuel on the fire' as they say. Thank you for the inspiration!