June 3, 2012

If Not Now...When?

If Not Now...When? David Hayes, 2012
i365 project, 154/365 (3D Photo, FX Photo Studio)

A little bit of fun with 3D Photo and FX Photo Studio's filters and masks....


I opened an image of clouds I had in my stock folder in 3D Photo...and chose the polygon shape...rotating it to what you see....saved.

Opened this in FX Photo Studio:
1.) Used these filters, in order....with a mask....to create the right side of the polygon:
a.) Hippie
b.) Sparta
c.) Toyko
2. To create the left side....Invert filter with mask.
3. Old Film Frame

An interesting image....and it was fun using the different filters and masks. Give it a try...you might like it!!

1 comment:

Carol said...

This looks difficult but having tried it myself (at your recommendation) I know it is just great fun. However, I'm impressed with the way you used the filters. Takes it back to more practice for me. Love it!