June 20, 2012

I Don't Know

I Don't Know. David Hayes, 2012
i365 project, 171/365. ( Hipstamatic, Tiny Planets Photo, TouchReTouch, FX Photo Studio, Scratchcam)


A tip of the hat to Lisa Waddell for sharing her recipe that inspired this image! I made some changes to what she originally did...but I guess all good "cooks" will do the very same thing!

Original image captured in Hipstamatic:
Salvador84 lens, Dream Canvas film, no flash.

Opened in Tiny Planets Photo...pick in or out twist...to taste. I picked in.

I opened this in TouchReTouch to remove a white "shaft" that was running from the center of the image to the right hand corner. Very distracting...TouchReTouch made it gone...

Opened in FX Photo Studio:
1.) Ancona
2.) Color Comics

Opened in Scratchcam
- Scratches layer on, all others: off
Saved...and done!


Carol said...

I'm trying to mentally work backwards to figure what you started with! Nup, can't do it. Why do I think I can see a bit of tweed jacket in the top left corner? Great recipe, great result!

Seth said...

Such a fascinating image. There really is a lot of movement there that carries the eye around the piece.

jaeartworks said...

Love the limited color palette and the diagonal composition. Great!

Holly Dean said...

A flower that has turned into a butterfly! It really looks like it is on the move. Wonderful image, Dave :)