June 11, 2012

Burnt Tree (Place)

Burnt Tree (Place). David Hayes, 2012

i365 project, 162/365. (TouchReTouch, FX Photo Studio, Camera Bag)

Same tree, same place, different "recipe"....

Opened image in TouchReTouch....removed building on left, shrubbery along hill side...

Opened in FX Photo Studio:
1.) B&W Grained
2.) Burnt Paper

Opened in Camera Bag:
1.) Filter: Lolo
2.) Crop: Lolo
3.) Border: Rounded


Carol said...

Yes, edgier than yesterday. Love that burnt paper. Very fine app applications!

Caterina Giglio said...

loved your still life over at Seth's... very nice

Gail P said...

Still following along and enjoying your posts. Loved the still life on
Seth's blog.

Lisa Graham Art said...

My new favorite. I am very partial to trees.