June 10, 2012

Another Tree (Place)

Another Tree (Place) David Hayes, 2012
i365 project, 161/365 (TouchReTouch, Photo Copier, Moku Hanga HD, Snapseed)

Returning to the image of a tree that I captured a while ago, here's the first in a series of two studies...

I opened the image in TouchReTouch...removed the building that was to the left of the  tree and the shrubbery that was along the building and to the right of the tree. (As I've said before...this is one magic app!)

Opened in Photo Copier: Paintings, Friedrich (Two Men Contemplating the Moon).

Opened in Moku Hanga HD: Multi-color, Landscape

Opened in Snapseed: crop square, Drama 2 @ 50%, Center Blur: Portrait 2 (Blur Strength 75%/weak).
Saved...and Saved!

Come back tomorrow and catch Version 2...same tree...totally different look!!


Carol said...

Bold and beautiful! Very nice effect. Waiting now for tomorrow's piece.

Holly Dean said...

this is fabulous. I love it!!!

Lisa Graham Art said...

Like a modern day Van Gogh tree.