May 12, 2012

Wood (Ball)

Wood (Ball)
i365 project, 132/365. (645Pro, PS Express, Jazz)

Original image captured with 645 Pro @C42/645.
Opened in PS Express...tightened up a bit with a cropping...saved.
Opened in Jazz:
Base: Original
Film Treatment: Type 5 @ 53%
Exposure: -3
Sepia: 66%
Spot Focus: Amount @71%; Radius @27%; X Offset: 0; Y Offset: 18
Recropped to tighten "focus" on ball.
Vignette: Amount @ 88%; Radius @ 59%
Dirt, Grunge & Schmutz: Scratch; X Offset: 78, Y Offset: -66
Border: 1959


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Seth said...

Great shot. I like the fact that the main image is just a little askew.

Wyn Vogel said...

This is wonderful as well - I have been away in town for Mother's Day so am just catching up!!!!!! Dirt, Grunge and Schmutz - wooo!

Carol said...

I'm just catching up too, and you've produced some great work while I had my mind on other things. Wonderful textures here.