May 10, 2012

Upon Waking

Upon Waking. David Hayes, 2012
i365 project, 130/365. (TouchReTouch, PhotoToaster, Iris, Camera Bag, Snapseed)

Okay...this one took a while to build...and will take a bit to explain. So...pour another cup of coffee or another glass of wine...


This image is built using two different images...taken at two different times. It wasn't until I start working with the columns pic that I decided to use the landscape image that's in the background. I'll start by giving the recipe for the Columns layer....

Opened in TouchReTouch and removed a bunch of stuff....canopies, guidelines, etc. Saved this...

Reopened in PhotoToaster:
1.) Light: Contrast
2.) FX: Cross Cut
3.) Vignette: Medium Black
4.) Paper: Stone
5.) Torn Edge

Reopened in Iris:
Surface: Clouds
Vintage: Reminiscene
Saved to Camera Roll to make sure I had a back-up of this image...

Continuing on...still in Iris:
1.) Opened "stock landscape" image...
Blended this with Columns image: Multiply @ 85% with mask.
2.) Applied Grunge: Stone
3.) Filters: Vignette.

Reopened in Camera Bag:
1.) Border: Instant
2.) Filter: Cinema
3.) Cropping: Cinema

Reopened in Snapseed
Selective Adjust: brightness

Saved and Done!!

Yeah..I think this was a two glass recipe...move over Julia Child!!


Lisa Graham Art said...

This is amazing Dave. I am not sure if I want to pass beyond the columns or's so ghostly out there. I wish I had an iPhone or something to use all these amazing applications. It's amazing you can layer a picture over a picture. You are very creative!

Your new recipe book and title are are out Julia!

Wyn Vogel said...

Talking about complex compositions - this is so effective though as Lisa says the mood you have created is quite palpable!! Wonderful!

Carol said...

Definitely a two glass job. You just keep getting better and better!