May 30, 2012

Swap No. 2

Swap No. 2. David Hayes, 2012
i365 project, 150/365 (Simply B/W, Noir Photo, Camera Bag for iPad)

This is the second in a series...the base image captured by Holly Dean of Often Medieval In Mood...this is the bottom right corner of the image she sent me...

Opened image in Simply B/W
1.) Red Filter
2.) Adjustments to brightness, contrast, and grain.

Opened image in Perfectly Clear HD...just to smooth things out a bit. (This is an optional step...I'm not sure it did much to help the cause....)
Opened in PS Express so I could crop it square...

Opened in Noir Photo:
1.) use the sepia ellipse to create a focal point
2.) Outer exposure: 5; Inner exposure: -70; Contrast: -30

1.) Lolo for cropping, frame, and filter


Cindy said...

Every picture I see of yours, I think is my favorite, but THIS is my favorite...for now....Just Lovely!

Carol said...

Really lovely! I'm back on line at last, now have to catch up with all your photos.