May 16, 2012

The Recipe Book Project - May, 2012 Edition

I would like to welcome you to the May, 2012 Edition of The Recipe Book Project. This a collaborative project where phonographers from around the world share with each other...and with you....images they created using their iDevices and in-device apps. (While some may have started with a base image captured outside their iDevice, all the final images you see have been edited, manipulated, and altered using only in-device apps. No Photoshop-ing allowed.)

As you check out each of the following links, you will find awesome images and...and this is the exciting part...the recipes/formulations on how they were created. Make sure to take notes...I know I will be! Visit each in turn or jump any case, please make sure to leave comments behind. We all love to hear what you like/dislike...and just the fact that you were there!

So, without further ado, here are the participants in this month's The Recipe Book Project:

1. Photospixelated:
               A. Love is just a box of chocolates on steroids.
               B. Just a drawing.
               C. Love is just a box of chocolates.
               D. Angel watching over.
               E. Spring flowers.
2. Nicki Fitz-Gerald
3. The Sungazer
4. The Altered Page
5. Holly Dean
6. Jaeartworks
7. Jay Pattison
8. Clearer Reflections
9. Barbara Wilford Art & Photography
10. Barnacle Goose Paperworks
11. Four Corner Designs
12. hfedora
13. Inspirations: Art + Collage


Carol said...

I'm running late with this, too much partying. That's not a complaint...

amy of four corners design said...

ok...I'm running late too...but I'm on vacation...did the best I could with limited resources! here's my link on flickr, posted in the Recipe Book Project group -

Carol said...

Wow! I've visited everyone and I'm so impressed with the talent that is shown here. My head is spinning with potential ideas.