May 3, 2012

Grasses Study #2

Grasses Study #2. David Hayes, 2012
i365 project, 123/365. (PhotoToaster)

Yesterday's image (Grasses Study #1) was just a warm up. Today's recipe really puts PhotoToaster through it's paces. The differences between the two versions are subtle....but different enough....


Part One
I opened the same base image as Photo Toaster.
Cropped it to remove border.
Light: Hot
FX: B&W Contrast
Vignette: Deep Focus
Surface: Scratched
Border: none

Part Two
I reopened the image from Part One...still in Photo Toaster.
FX: Cross Cut
Vignette: Color Burst
Surface: Antique
Border: Black Strokes
Saved...and done.

I found it an interesting process to use the same app to build on top on an image...not quite layering, but almost! I'm not sure which version I like best...changes each time I look at them. In any case, I'm glad I went through this exercise....I learned a lot from it...and most times....the process is more important than then end product!

And as good timing would have it, this recipe is also featured as a tutorial on TheAppWhisperer today! Check this out as well: TheAppWhisperer.

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Viveca Koh ARPS said...

I really like this version too, and as someone who has reprocessed the same image more than once I can understand how difficult it can be to decide which is one's personal favourite!