May 2, 2012

Grasses Study #1

Grasses Study #1. David Hayes, 2012
i365 project, 122/365. (6x6, PhotoToaster)

Thought I'd try out PhotoToaster on something see if I could make it elegant...

Base image captured using 6x6....
Opened in PhotoToaster....
1.) Cropped to remove the white border from 6x6.
2.) Light: manually adjusted for exposure, contrast, blacks, and highlights.
3. FX: Sepia
4. Vignette: Deep Focus
5. Surface: Slate
6. Border: Black Strokes

Saved. (PhotoToaster will save an image into it's own Album as well as into your Camera Roll.)


Carol said...

Yep, you achieved elegance. And I love that sepia, just perfect for this photo. Off to buy 6x6.

Viveca Koh said...

This is a beautiful image, you have definitely achieved what you set out to do. Will have to look into Photo Toaster. Thanks too for the breakdown of the process that you used.

Wyn Vogel said...

these are wonderful grasses - and love your 'Something Lost' from yesterday - !

You are having an influence on my painting - wait til i post these ones I am doing for the Chinese exhibition - they look like I have put them through Grunge!!