May 13, 2012

Electric Peony

Electric Peony. David Hayes, 2012
i365 project, 133/365. (Lo-Mob, Lens Flare HD, FX Photo Studio)

Original image captured with iPhone camera app...
Opened in Lo-Mob....used it's 6x6 Ttv Noir Bar filter. Saved.
Opened in Lens Flare HD....
1.) Lumos Glow adjusted for color tint, brightness & scale)
2.) Render (so I could add more!)
3.) Scratches #2
4.) Saved
Opened in FX Photo Studio....
1.) Bilbao filter


The Recipe Book Project. May 16th. Check this out for great images and app formulations!!


Kathy said...

oooh! I love this one.

Wyn Vogel said...

Well titled!! I just want to grow these - how good if they could come from the garden like this!! wow!!

Carol said...

Really stunning! This is a recipe I'll have to work through. Lovely effect.