May 20, 2012

Cutting Room Floor No. 2

Cutting Room Floor No. 2. David Hayes, 2012. 

i365 project, 140/365. (Tiny Planet Photos, FX Photo Studio)

This is the second in a series...taking an "outtake" image and turning it into something "interesting"....


Open image in Tiny Planet with it until you like it. Don't worry, you can't hurt it!
Open this in FX Photo Studio:
1.) Symmetry-Vertical
2.) Derby


Lisa Graham Art said...

Very much reminds me of a CT scan of the brain...must be the nurse in me.


Carol said...

This looks like fun! Your cutting room floor must be covered in pink. Looking forward to #3&#4.

jaeartworks said...

haha- love your advice "you can't hurt it." I'm always telling my art students that, but that's really true with the apps. I'm liking your "cutting room" experiments!