May 15, 2012

Chives (Pale)

Chives (Pale). David Hayes, 2012.

i365 project, 135/365. (Hipstamatic, Jazz)

I did two versions of this using Hipstamatic, the other where I didn't. I used Jazz in both...the same recipe actually. I'll show you the second version tomorrow!

Hipstamatic: Lucifer VI Lens, Rock BW-11 Film, No Flash.

Opened this image in Jazz:
1.) Sepia: Amt @ 64%
2.) Spot Focus: Amount: 31%; Radius: 43%; X-Offset: 50; Y-Offset: -18
3.) Vignette: Amount: 23%; Radius: 22%
4.) Light Leak: Amount: 33%; Hue: 25; Offset: 29
5.) Dirt, Grunge & Schmutz: Amount: 75; Type: Large Grain; X-Offset: -6, Y-Offset: -12
6.) Border: Negative


The Recipe Book Project...happening tomorrow! May 16th! Be there!!!


Lisa Graham Art said...

This is a lovely image...I did not know chives bloom. They look like a dandelion in a way.

Wyn Vogel said...

Perfect!!! Hidden in the shadows - would make a fantastic cover for a cook book!!

Carol said...

So interesting that the two chives have the same recipe. I like them both, they are so different!