May 25, 2012


BLA. David Hayes, 2012
i365 project, 145/365 (Jazz, Snapseed)

I put this into my challenge category of "ordinary objects"....taking something ordinary and seeing what I can do with it. An old brick...didn't come out as well as I hoped....but does have some interesting features..

Open image in Jazz:
1.) crop square
2.) Film Treatment: Cool Shadows @66
3.) Exposure: -57
4.) Brightness/Contrast: -17/72
5.) Color: Saturation @ 100; Skin Tones @ -28: Blues/Greens @ 0

Open this in Snapseed:
1.) Details: Sharpening @ 50
2.) Selective Adjust: Brightness & Saturation
3.) Organic Frame #7: adjusted to taste.


Lisa Graham Art said...

Very cool image...and exactly how I feel this morning...not enough sleep!

I love the colors and texture in this, you should be happy with it.

Do you ever paint any more?

Carol said...

Making the ordinary into art. Vary textural, interesting.

Seth said...

I definitely like this one. And I love the fact that there is some mystery to the BLA......