May 6, 2012

Another Time, Another Place. (Tree)

Another Time, Another Place. (Tree). David Hayes, 2012
i365 Project, 126/365. (TouchReTouch, FX Photo Studio, Iris, Scratchcam)

Okay...maybe this recipe is a little much for a Sunday...but it's going to be hot and humid where I am today...perfect to stay indoors and "cook"!

Base image captured with iPhone camera app. Saved.
Opened in TouchReTouch to remove couple necking on top of wall...and trees along right side hedge...
Opened in FX Photo Studio...
1. Cropped square.
2. Vintage Green filter.
3. Ancient Canvas filter.
4. Hue Red filter.
5. Adjust for got a little dark!
Open in Iris...
Blend script background (stock background taken with iPhone) with what I did in FX Photo Studio...Multipy @34% with mask.
Opened this in Scratchcam...
1. scratches and colors - off
2. textures & borders - on.


Carol said...

BIG recipe, great effect. I can see I'll need to work on my use of TouchRetouch.

Carole said...

Is the folding for real or an effect? I like it!

Seth said...

Gorgeous image.