April 10, 2012


Wicked. David Hayes, 2012.
i365 project, 100/365 (FX Photo Studio, Pic Grunger, Scratchcam, Iris, Snapseed)

This recipe will take some doing...I might have gotten a bit overboard with my apps...although I do like the end result....


Step 1 - Layer 1
I found the Chinese character for "Wicked" in a calligraphy book and took a snap of that with my iPhone camera. I opened this in FX Photo Studio and applied the "Vivid Brush Stroke" filter to give it more of a hand painted look. I save this.

Step 2 - Layer 2
I opened an image I had in my stocks of an old wall in PicGrunger and applied these filters: "Weathered Effect", "Gig Style", and "Canvas" texture. Saving this, I reopened in Scratchcam and applied the appropriate scratches and the like. (Since they don't name their filters, I can't tell you exactly which ones I used!)

Step 3 - Layer 3
Here, I simply rotated Layer 2 to give myself a horizontal panel. Saved this.

Step 4 - Putting it all together!
Here is where Iris shows it's stuff! Using the Blend - Multipy function, I placed the Wicked character over Layer 1 and applied that step. Using the Blend - Normal function, I place Layer 3 over the bottom of the combined layers. Applied this. Before leaving Iris, I used Auto Adjust to tweak the WB a bit. I saved all of this...and took a break.

Step 5 - Finishing up.
Opening Snapseed, I applied "Center Focus"to give the edges a bit of a blur, used "Selective Adjust" to tweak brightness and contrast....and....applied "Frame #8". I was done!!!  Saved and moved on!!! I hope you like it.


Carole said...

I like the end result also!

Carol said...

This is amazing! I'm hanging on every word of your recipe - but at least now I'm understanding what it all means. Your end result is wonderful.

Thanks for visiting and for your encouragement, Dave. You're now responsible for shares in Apple apps rising!