April 30, 2012

Week As Art

April 29. David Hayes, 2012. (LetterMPress + Instagram - Kelvin)

At the beginning of April I was offered the chance to do a second week for CreateMixedMedia's "Week As Art" series on their blog. Of course, I jumped at the chance. I thought it would be fun to post a quick recap of each pic I built...the apps I used to do so. (Just a quick note....I used several of my graphic design apps as well as a different Instagram filter when putting all of this together. You might remember some of these when they posted on Instagram....)

April 30. David Hayes, 2012. (addLib + Instagram - Lofi)

May 1. David Hayes, 2012. (Halftone + Instagram - Brannan)

May 2. David Hayes, 2012. (TypePlay + Phoster + Instagram - 1977)

May 3. David Hayes, 2012. (addLib + FX Photo Studio + Instagram - 1977)

May 4. David Hayes, 2012. (Word Foto + Fluid FX + Instagram - Valencia)

May 5. David Hayes, 2012. (Type Play + Instagram - Early Bird)


Bill said...

You name dropper you! Seriously, congratulations on being asked to show your art again.

I haven't been doing any blog hopping lately. I'm trying to catch up on a few today. My 82 year-old mother has stopped eating, and has decided it is time for her to die. It doesn't make for a fun time.

Carol said...

Wow! A week's lessons in one hit. Shows off your multi-talents very well. Conratulations!

Wyn Vogel said...

Whoo - congrats Dave - and what's more you are ahead of yourself!! Love the 3rd - !!